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Jurassic World Deinonychus Redesign

The game Jurassic World: Evolution showed off a short clip of their Deinonychus design. The creature sported a very 80's Bob Bakker head shape, but the most noticeable and glaring characteristic was the large fleshy crest atop it's head.
I, as well as many others in the JP community, disagree with this design choice as it is very odd for this particular animal.
I decided to try out my hand at how I would've redesigned it, trying to closer resemble not only Frontier's source material, but Crash McCreery's style of concept art from the original JP trilogy.

I added a Caracal (size maybe inaccurate) to the image since the cat's hunting style is what I based it off of. I made it a bird catcher, with long, slender legs with thick thighs to launch it into the air.